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Charles Dickens Action Figure
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Charles Dickens Action Figure



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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

The novels of Charles Dickens captured the essence of Victorian society so well that the entire period is often described as Dickensian. To this day, none of his novels have ever gone out of print in England. This 5-1/2" (14 cm) tall, hard vinyl action figure comes with a quill pen and a removable hat!

Product Details:
Product Length: 11.0 inches
Product Width: 9.0 inches
Product Height: 2.0 inches
Package Length: 10.8 inches
Package Width: 6.6 inches
Package Height: 1.2 inches
Package Weight: 0.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 15 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 15 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Serves as a conversation starter. . .Apr 17, 2009
By loce_the_wizard "loce_the_wizard"
My Charles Dickens' action figure sits on my office desk and still resides in its packaging, on which a blue sticker with white type boldly announces "with quill pen and removable hat!" I suspect this action figure can, when manipulated properly, also flail its arms and stomp its feet as deadlines approach; clear a desk of inkwells, cups, and papers when overcome by the frustrations of writer's block; and possibly offer disdainful over-the-shoulder glances at unfortunate folks who might make excellent subject matter as the next Fezziwig or Turveydrop.

The likeness is a bit off, judging from images I've seen of Dickens' countenance, and I suspect having a few calluses on the fingers and some smudges on clothing would not be out of character. For greater verisimilitude, I wish the manufacturer had included a few pages of manuscript paper and an inkwell as accessories.

If you are a writer or teacher, this action figure can serve as a conversation starter or even a reminder that it is easier to peck away at a keyboard than dash off a novel with a quill pen.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4A dapper little man--But don't remove the parts!Dec 19, 2012
By D. Bowers "English Teacher"
I purchased this dapper little action figure for my good friend, who is also an English teacher. She LOVES it. She carried it around with her during final exams and had Charles shake hands with her students.

A caution, however: don't remove the removable parts. She took that hat off almost immediately--and it doesn't stay on after you take it off. Also, the quill broke off, as well (probably because he was shaking hands) but now it looks like a cigarette.

Other than that, it's a fun, silly little thing perfect for your literary friends.

Accoutrements: I think you should make an Emily Dickinson action figure. Thanks! :)

5H E R O....F O R....O U R....T I M E....A N D....A L L....T I M E SSep 01, 2010
By Patricia "A Reader"
The CHARLES DICKENS ACTION FIGURE, herein being reviewed, is a marvellous educational toy. Young people, first being introduced to Dickens, will get a feeling of immediacy that even seeing pictures of Dickens, alone, will not give, and older people, familiar with Dickens' life, time, and works, will be reminded, every time they see or play with this action figure, of the true "activist" that Dickens was. (Many of his contemporaries were shocked that Dickens, as a child, had actually 'worked with his hands' and endured poverty. This brings to my American mind, the somewhat similar experiences of the eminent Black orator, (and escaped slave), Frederick Douglas, who was once questioned by those who heard his wise and well-written speeches, how such a man as he could ever have actually, really been a slave. In response, Mr. Douglas famously removed his shirt, and had the questioner gaze upon his still whip-scarred back....)

Dickens' stories are timeless -- the cruelties that poverty places even on the most innocent, and on the most other-wise worthy people were horrendous. And still, unfortunately, ARE horrendous! If Dickens were alive today....what stories he could write! (And, unfortunately, still HAVE to write.) Many of these evils, sadly, still exist, and are made worse by the fact that general society does not think they exist any more -- (surely in not so bad a form as they were in Dickens' time!) But, sadly, they are. What with $60,000 toilet seats in Congressional rest-rooms, and executive salaries 200 or more times that of the "ordinary" worker, (and these being only the "tip" of the cruel iceberg now enveloping the US, and probably England, and the rest of the so-called "civilized" world), we need to read and take heed of Dicken's words -- perhaps now more than ever before! Every time one looks at this Dickens' action figure, it is almost as if there IS a "call to action"! The photograph here, of the Dickens Action Figure, shows Dickens holding an umbrella -- but the way the photo is taken, it almost seems as if the umbrella is a wooden plank, holding up a placard! This obviously is not what one gets when buyig this Charles Dickens Action Figure -- because the "sign" on the pictured "placard" is actually only the booklet that comes with this figure. But, as shown and pictured here, this crusading writer, with his seeming placard, does, indeed, make one think!

4Accoutrements Charles Dickens Action FigureMar 05, 2014
By jda
So I have started to actually collect these and hang them on the wall in my office. They are great little conversation starters and have tons of awesome little tidbits of information about the character on the back side. I doubt I will ever take them out of the package but my wall sure looks great! ;)

The detail on them is pretty good and the colors are nice a vibrant. They are so well detailed and I like the look so well it was what prompted me to not take them out of the package. If I did I know all my co-workers would be playing with them or possibly even walk off with one.

5Great giftJan 10, 2014
By Lucy Girl LLC "Sherri Gayle"
My sister loves it! She is huge Charles Dicken's fan. She also received an Edgar Allan Poe Bobblehead and she chronicles their many adventures together in pictures. We gave a blast!

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