They are so cute, and so much of a nuisance. Does that sound like anyone you know? We thought it did, so we created the perfect nuisance mask, a raccoon. They are cute and adorable, and then they turn your garbage over and eat your cats food and then there are so many other words you can think of to describe them. Embrace your inner nuisance with this cool mask. Perfect for any occasion especially rummaging through the trash. How do you see you ask? Why... through the raccoons eyes and nose holes of course. Made from eco-friendly latex. This product may have a strong smell of latex, letting the mask air out in a well ventilated place for a day will help. Fits most adult heads. Allergy warning: If you are allergic to latex, don't wear this. Made exclusively for Off the Wall Toys. Bagged with illustrated Off the Walls tag. To ensure it's the real deal please look for the Off the Wall Toys label.

Cool Raccoon Mask

SKU: OTW2047