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The Creepy Baby is great for Parties, Pranks, Sporting events, Pep Rallys, Halloween, or just to have a good time. Super Creepy and just outright disturbing. Walk into any event with the baby head and you will be sure to have everyone laughing. Take it with you on your next evening out. You never know when some random event can be made awesome with a baby-head mask! You can now have your own baby head mask and feel like a super human!! Scare the crap out of people, or have the power to make everyone feel on edge.

Made from high quality eco-friendly latex. Made exclusively for Off the Wall Toys. Bagged with illustrated Off the Wall Toys tag. To ensure it's the real deal please look for the Off the Wall Toys label.

Allergy warning: If you are allergic to latex, don't wear this.

Creepy Cry Baby Full Head Face Mask Halloween Costume

SKU: OTW2672
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